Steven Universe: Homomania Propaganda?

Artistic Layman gives his gripes about his current favorite TV show:
Steven Universe
Show Created by: Rebecca Sugar
Show Owned by: Cartoon Network


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  1. That Anon · July 20, 2016

    I feel the same as you, I’m another Christian (Catholic, but I think that all Christians, no matter the denomination should unite for matters like this) who like Steven Universe but had problems with it since they started with the gay themes. This contradicted feelings augmented since they started writing this themes explicitly instead of just subtext (for example for me it was obvious that they wanted to imply that Pearl was in love with Rose since Cheeseburger Backpack, but I never tought they would make Pearl sing a heartbreaking song about how Rose chose Greg over her*).

    Of course what worries me the most isn’t watching gay relationships on TV, because shows reflect reality as some way and one can’t simply escape from reality.

    The big problem is that this is supposedly a children’s show (it’s PG so it’s actually for preteen, but you know that not all people really use that guidelines) that makes LGBT propaganda (maybe the most blatant one is the one with Peridot and the tape recorder, she just comes accustomed to Garnet after pairing two male characters from a show).

    And worse, it’s not only “cute and kid friendly” propaganda talking about love, it frequently has characters in complicated and toxic relationships, becoming more of an animated soap opera (again, a lot of this comes from Pearl, she’s so broken,she’s not only clingy with Rose, but also kept building again a tower they destructed just to fuse with Garnet again; but also Amethyst gets really angsty at times and we get to see Garnet’s marital fights).

    *From yesterday’s episode, Mr. Greg, where Greg becomes a millionaire and he and Steven choose to make a trip to expend the money because they prefer to have each other over anything material. And then Steven suddenly invites Pearl, converting the trip in an angst fest.

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